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  INVITATION to the Traditional Dance Event

                       "100 Years of Memories"

         Anniversary of the Asia Minor Catastrophe

                    Saturday, June 25, 2022 @ 20:00

The Dance Group of the Lighthouse of the Blind of Greece has organized, after the forced pause due to the pandemic, the annual dance festival that takes place in the "Garden of Culture", the courtyard of the organization), entitled:

The four sections of traditional dances of the Lighthouse for the Blind, the Asia Minor Association of Kaisariani, the Cultural Association "Dioni", and the Hellenic Association of Cultural Heritage "Igechoros Piraeus" will honor our event with their presence, in a cultural meeting which contributes significantly to the improvement of expression, as well as to the social interaction and integration of visually-impaired people.


It will be a great pleasure and honor for you to make a trip to the traditional event that will feature stories, songs and dances from the unforgettable homelands, sending the message that human power is the chisel that carves our history. 

Free admission.Doors open at 19:30.

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