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1st Annual Athens Civil Society Festival April 21-23, 2023

Athlete members of the Gymnastics Department (the goal ball team) took part in the “1st Athens Civil Society Festival” The festival, ‘dedicated to the work and actions of Civil Society organizations and their interaction with the city and its residents’, offered a significant opportunity to raise social awareness regarding vision loss and at the same time communicate the great dexterity of blind athletes and the need for equal access to sports for the visually impaired. A main goal for this annual festival is to ‘highlight the importance of contribution and cooperation in a city like Athens, with the great need for solidarity, but also with the unlimited possibilities to send the message that ‘together we are stronger’.

                       Goal Ball Team

Participation to the 1st Athens Civil Society Festival.1. jpg.jpg
Participation to the 1st Athens Civil Society Festival.2.jpg
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