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Syrianopato Traditional Dance Festival June 27- July 1, 2023

The Traditional Dance Team took part in the 5th “Syrianopato” traditional dance festival on the island of Syros from June 27 -July 1. Established in 2018, the goal of the Syrianopato festival is to promote Greek heritage to locals and visitors and to cultivate a love for tradition for younger generations. Participation in such events and festivals by the blind and vision impaired provides an opportunity to ‘practice creative and fruitful coexistence of all members of society, with the ultimate goal of a truly inclusive society’.

Participation in Traditional Dance Festival Syrainopato.1.JPG
Participation in the Traditioanl Dance Festival Syrianopato.4.JPG
Participation in Traditional Dance Festival Syrainopat.3.JPG
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