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Visit to the Numismatic Collection

May 24, 2023

Coins from Alpha Bank exhimbition 2_edited.jpg

On May 24th a group of blind and visually impaired members, as well as staff members, visited the Numismatic Collection of the Alpha Bank, ‘one of the most impressive private coin and banknote collections in the world’. The exhibition offered guided tours for persons with visual impairment. In partnership with the organization for the blind, Alpha Bank hosted special events and provided suitable equipment for persons with visual impairment during the guided tours. A special exhibition “The Other Side of the Coin” was developed between the two groups as part of an initiative to expand cultural opportunities for blind citizens.

Specifically, the exhibition area was equipped with:

* Special 3D mock-up of the space

* Enlarged coin replicas

* Captions and a special edition

    of the catalog in Braille

* Suitably recorded

   audio-descriptive guides


Visit to the Accessible nomismatic collection of Alpha Bank.2.jpg
Visit to the Accessible nomismatic collection of Alpha Bank.1.jpg

Traveling Collection

'The Other Side of the Coin' exhibition has finished but you can explore the 3D video at:

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